The Yamaha moto
" If you are going to make it, make it the very best there is."
Then based on Yamaha's firm belief that a product isn't a product
until it can hold it's own around the world.
In 1958 Yamaha became the first Japanese maker of motorcycles to
venture into the international race arena,
placing 6th in the Catalina Grand Prix race in the USA.
This achievement won immediate recognition
for the high level of Yamaha technology

Below you can see where Yamaha technology
has gone with racing motorcycles
and what motorcycles we have in our Private Collection
that can be yours !
Yamaha Motorcycles
Here is  the Yamaha R1  that is featured on our "Home Page"
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Sale Price $4,500 Click on the bike for more pictures
Below is the Yamaha YPVS - RZ350 from 1984 with 9321 miles
As of 2/13/09 -Best Offered Price on the Yamaha TZR 250     
2,900) - Best Offer from (Jaybird )
Below-The Yamaha YSR 50 with  only 142 miles This bike is from 1997 and is still like brand new
for motorcycles like new, this is an incredible sale price,  $1,300 and it is yours !
The next 4 pictures are of the Yamaha V4,   from 1984 with 31,600 -
OK, so the millage is a little higher than the other motorcycles,
but it is a fun bike to ride -- what else can we say
The Yamaha V4, won The Rider Championship in 1984, 1985 and 1986 -
No, it was not this motorcycle, but almost exactly like this one.
More Motorcycles coming soon to this page from the Private Collection --
The Yamaha 1 500 RZ from 1985 with 6716 miles
As of 2/13/09 -Best Offered Price ($2,900)
Best Offer from ( PJTERRIER ) of USA
As of 2/13/09 - Best Offered Price ( $ 4,000 )
Best Offer From ( JT2001 )
More Motorcycles Coming soon to this page
another Yamaha V4
It will be newer and with less miles
Above and below -The Yamaha TZR 250      from (     )  22245 miles
Notes: Yamaha Motorcycles today describes the launch of its R1 Yamaha motorcycles as the true value of
"Kando". Kando is a Japanese word,  in translation describes the sensation of profound excitement and
gratification derived from experiencing supreme quality and performance.