The DUCATI Motorcycles
Are from an Italian motorcycle manufacturer
located in Bologna Italy.
Ducati motorcycles have long been known for their
excellence in design and performance.  
From the second World War bicycle-like  
motorcycles. Ducati motorcycles has grown into a
racing giant that is consistently competitive in the
racing arena and the world motorcycle marketplace.

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Now for the really good stuff -- look below
So do you have the
need for speed ?  
Is 0 to 62 in less than 3 seconds
fast enough ?
Would you like a top speed over 170  ?
Ducati Motorcycles

Our last Ducati on this page is also a collectors Bike
more on this motorcycle will be found on
"The Classics" page

Below is the Ducati 900 Super Sport.  
This one of the incredible classic motorcycles from 1977
with only 2,500 miles on it.  
This vintage motorcycle is truly for the collectors.  

This Ducati 999R is past the incredible category --
Not sure they have made words that best describe it yet --
In 2004, described it as "stupendous" and "the epitome of V-Twin power."
This motorcycle is a 999 R ( R means more power than the 999)
This racing bike is from 2004 and with only 250 miles on it, it is still like brand new !!
Sale Priced,   $14,995
On the left see our Ducati 916 Coming right at you
Below is our Ducati 999R - it can reach those speeds and better !
We are selling this bike at another location just click on the bike to go directly there
or contact us, the price is the same either way.
The first 3 motorcycles shown are the Ducati 916
An awesome motorcycle from 1997. These were only made from 1993-1999)
This bike only has only 5477 miles on it.
Sale Price $12,900
For general information on all Ducati 916 motorcycles - Just click here