All of these motorcycles
were collected by a man who lived life to the fullest.   
These motorcycles he treasured and he  
maintained them in the finest working order.
They were kept under the most perfect conditions,  
seldom even used,mostly admired.

In addition to all of the motorcycles you will find on this site,
he had many more which have already been sold.  
He also had a race car, a jet, an airplane, a glider, a hummer,  
many dirt bikes and more !
He was living the dream.   
And he kept good care of it all.

Unfortunately, he passed away rather quickly,
but with a smile on his face,
leaving behind all of these wonderful toys.

This web site was created, to offer for sale all of the remaining
items, from his private collection.

We have not put a price on all of the motorcycles yet,
but feel free to make an offer.  
Please know that these motorcycles are up for sale
not up for fire sale
but all fair offers will be accepted.

Our Pricing Policy on all but the Classic Motorcycles
Some of the motorcycles that are shown here
can also be found at a dealer.
In fact, dealers have offered to buy these motorcycles from us.  
However, to us they offered a very low wholesale price.

We are offering these bikes to you in a condition that you would
expect to find them in at a dealers but at a much lower sale price.  
To you we are offering these motorcycles at 3rd party pricing.
That means at a sale price to you below what  the dealer
is asking you to pay for the same motorcycle
but also at a price above what the dealers have offered us.    

With this sale pricing policy you can be assured
that you will be paying a low fair price, for a great motorcycle.  

Our Pricing on the Classic Motorcycles
These classic motorcycles are only going up in value
which makes them  a good investment for us too.  
So the Classics we are not in a hurry to sell.
We will sell them, but only at top dollar
as they are
one of a kind Motorcycles
which only continue to increase in value.

Where we are located
We are located in
central New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania.  
Both locations  have an excellent location
for test driving these motorcycles.
Who We Are
Motorcycle Sales -
The Private Collection